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I am a Search Engine Optimization Professional, Responsive Website Designer,
Website Analytics Provider, and Website Hosting & Domain Manager; Striving for a better web!

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Web Optimization is more commonly known as as Search Engine Optimization these days, and there are parts of the SEO process that never truly end. Consistently updating and producing new relevant content is necessary to keep users engaged and coming back for more. Using up to date trends and best practices from industry leaders such as Backlinko, Moz, and SEO Journal, I ensure your website outshines competitors.

I use various tools accomplish lightning fast load times and blend interactions to make your website feel smooth. I can track and optimize your content around your keywords, and vice-versa, to improve your Search Engine Rank Positions.

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Understanding the metrics that free tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, or any other search engine research tool can be complicated. I have spent time developing simplified reports that give you the data that you want with clear explanation of what each metric means.

I’m certified in the setup and usage of various Google tools such as Analytics, AdWords, Search Console, and Ads. I also have the ability to provide access to Keywork Tracking, On-Site SEO, Backlinks, Social Media Metrics, and more.

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I stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends and techniques to keep websites responsive, accessible, and user-friendly. Taking inspiration from greater website designers than myself on well known blogs such as Awwwards and Webflow, I set out to design and create something you’ll be proud of.

Whether building a full website from barebones HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or using WordPress and Elementor as a foundation, you can be confident in quality code, element placement, and optimization from day one.

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It’s cheap to get online these days, but it’s tough to navigate domain name registration, hosting acquisition, website design, and the other few dozen tasks it takes to establish and hold an online presence. Whether you are at the idea stage, or your business is looking to rebrand, I will help save precious time for your clients, products, and employees benefit.

Even if you’re just looking to learn how to get yourself online, secure, and indexed, I am available to conduct in-depth research to provide the best possible marketing direction for your online presence. Reputation management, site migration/upgrade/security, social media automated posting; if it is a repeatable task online, I have experience.