Hello. I’m Jeff,

A Search Engine Optimization Professional, Responsive Website Designer, Website and Social Medium Analytics Provider, Web Security Specialist, Hosting & Domain Manager, and Lover of the Web; Striving for a better web!
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Education & Certifications

Bachelor’s Degree
Graduating May 2020 / Colorado Technical University’s Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology with a Specialization in Website Development. Current GPA: 3.87
Google Certificates
Click any of these bad boys to view the cert: Advanced Analytics / Ecommerce Analytics / Google Tag Manager

Volunteer & Community

Volunteering and charity group that gets together regularly to benefit all people.
Disabled American Veteran
Apr 2014 + / A member and volunteer for the local DAV KC #2 Chapter.

Entities & Organizations

Founded 15 April, 2017 / Established, Designed, Developed, Optimized, Analyzed, and more by myself. DBA for Jeff V Solutions, LLC.
Founded 5 Nov, 2018 / Interactive Maps for Neverwinter from Cryptic. As of the first Beta 0.5 Launch week, it has 700 users and over 7,000 page views.

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I am a multi-faceted individual and have experience and skills in a wide variety of areas; instead of just one focus. I am competent in my knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP; I produce quality results through Search Engine Optimization and Pagespeed Improvements.

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